LES GOURMANDES is of course best known for the quality and variety of our products. Our most popular cheeses  - Geai Bleu, Champ Doré, Duplessis, and Bleu d`Acadie - are regularly served at the table of the Governor General of Canada, as well as multiple fine restaurants locally and in Canada. 

We have the largest counter of fine raw milk cheese in Atlantic Canada and carry cheeses from France, Italy, England, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, United-States and Quebec.

Nos fromages se retrouvent dans de nombreux restaurants tant localement qu'ailleurs au  Canada. Notre équipe se fera un plaisir de vous faire goûter à notre Champ Doré, Geai Bleu, Bleu des Dunes, tous au lait de vache et le Duplessis fait de lait de brebis. 

Il nous fera plaisir de vous préparer différents plateaux.

Emmanuelle Chocolates

We also carry our exclusive line of fine artisanal chocolates – Emmanuelle Chocolates – that has been recognized as the premium chocolates in the region. 

Emmanuelle Chocolates have been created with the highest quality of chocolate and natural ingredients in the artisanal tradition.  Mostly at 70% cocoa, giving the pure taste of dark chocolate with all the aromas of the cocoa bean, Emmanuelle Chocolates are low in sugar. They are free of fillers, artificial flavours, and trans fat.  The chocolates are very exotic and all ganache are made with either real butter or cream.

Emmanuelle Chocolates are famous for their unique flavours and customers from all over the Maritimes, the US, UK and Japan have enjoyed them. We will be happy to ship a gift basket with a collection of chocolates from Emmanuelle right to your doorstep!

Emmanuelle notre chocolatière vous propose une gamme de chocolats fins,  faits à partir  chocolat noir à 70 % cacao ce qui donne le goût pur  avec tous les arômes de la fève.  Les  ganaches sont  réalisées soit avec du beurre ou de la crème. Les chocolats Emmanuelle ont conquis le palais  de connaisseurs tant en Angleterre, au  Japon, au  Canada et  bien sûr aux Maritimes.

Even More To Offer...

We also offer an extensive line of fine products, delicatessen and Premiere Moisson bread. 

Les Gourmandes offers a great selection of fine foods, an excellent choice of fine imported oils and vinegars from various countries. You can also find finishing salts, chutney’s from Scotland, fancy preserves, crackers from Britain, pasta and sauces from Italy, caviar and smoked salmon from NB and an assortment of rustic breads from Première Moisson, Qc.

We carry a large selection of Foie gras from Perigord, rillettes and patés, duck sausage, duck confit, cassoulet, magret, pheasant,ducks, quails and rabbit. Mostly from Quebec or imported from Europe.

Les Gourmandes engages to continuously offer the highest quality and exclusivity to our clients.